hometown: Portland, OR
current town: Portland, OR (Allie and Meegan); Seattle, WA (Natalie)
music icon: Carole King (Allie), Ben Gibbard (Natalie), Sufjan Stevens (Meegan)
favorite food: Sushi or Grapefruit (Allie), IPAs for dessert (Natalie), Breakfast Hash/Huevos Rancheros with extra hot sauce (Meegan)
fun fact/secret:
Allie: Meegan and I had really big gaps in between our front teeth when we were little.
Natalie: Sang the national anthem for UFC fights in high school and left promptly after. (Definitely the most enthusiastic national anthem audience.)
Meegan: loves to garden!

The Tracks.

1) White Flag
2) SOS (Overboard)
3) Blood and Tears