November 7, 2013
New Album From Trent Dabbs

We've all been anxiously awaiting Trent Dabbs' newest album The Way We Look At Horses, and it's now available! Growing up in the rich literary and religious environment of Mississippi, and then moving to the country-soaked musical wold of Nashville, Trent Dabbs turns his own spiritual and relational questions into well-crafted folk-pop albums. The ghosts of Johnny Cash, old gospel choirs, Neil Young and Nick Drake can be heard roaming the halls of his songs on this latest record.

Dabbs' desire is that his audience will take the time to listen to The Way We Look At Horses as a whole work. Though many of the tracks stand on their own, it is the full story that concerns Dabbs the most. In a time of limitless distraction and instant gratification, perhaps this is what our generation needs most: to sit on the porch with a glass of tea, take a deep breath and just listen.

Watch the video for the title track "The Way We Look At Horses" here.

Get the full album on iTunes here.