December 31, 1969
April 23, 2013
Secret Road Partners With Communion Records

We're pleased to announce that we will be representing Communion Artists Bear's Den, Gabriel and the Hounds, Joe Banfi, Matthew and the Atlas (Communion Record's first ever signing!), Pale Seas, Pete Roe, Story Books, Three Blind Wolves, & Treetop Flyers with more artists to join the community in the future.

Communion was born in a West London basement bar in 2006, with the help of Ben Lovett (Mumford and Sons), Kevin Jones (Bear's Den) and producer Ian Grimble. Communion quickly grew into a flourishing community of musicians and fans alike, providing an independent platform for the freshest young artists in London's music circuit and beyond. Ben Howard and Michael Kiwanuka are long-time veterans of Communion's live shows, as well as recording artists with the label.

Communion Records was later founded in 2009 with the intent of promoting a close working family of artists who could develop at their own pace. Many of their releases involve Ben, Kevin and Ian in addition to other Communion artists to create the community vibe. Communion continues to prove its reputation as a tastemaker in the music industry also representing Gotye, Daughter and Foy Vance.

We're so excited to join forces with the Communion team, and you can learn more about Communion here!

March 22, 2013
Ingrid Michaelson To Perform at NYC SeriousFun Gala

On April 4, 2013 Ingrid will be performing for the SeriousFun New York City Gala, benefiting Paul Newman's global family of camps and programs.

SeriousFun started over two decades ago when Paul Newman created a place where children with serious illnesses could go to simply have fun. Today, that idea has grown to include 30 life-changing camps and programs serving over 50,000 children and families every year.

In addition to Ingrid's performance, the Gala is scheduled to have comedy from Jerry Seinfeld and appearances by Jimmy Fallon, Suzanne Vega, Stevie Wonder, SeriousFun campers, and more special guests to come.

Visit for tickets and to learn more about SeriousFun!

March 21, 2013
Los Rakas Performance & Interview for 123UNODOSTRES

Los Rakas is doing it again! They were recently invited as guests to 123UnoDosTres Presenta, the premiere digital music platform for the multicultural Latino living in a digital world. 123 caught wind of Los Rakas' killer emcee's skills and invited Raka Dun + Raka Rich to do a little something-something for its viewers. Check out Los Rakas' performance of their hit song "No Tan Listo". Presente (Present) all the Rakatakas!

Watch the Performance here!

Check out Los Rakas Interview here!

March 7, 2013
Josh Ritter Releases New Album & Performs On Letterman

Josh Ritter just released his first studio album in almost three years, The Beast In Its Tracks. It may well be remembered as Ritter's divorce record, as it was written and recorded in the wake of his 18-month marriage suddenly dissolving. As Josh says:

"In the year after my marriage ended, I realized that I had more new songs than I'd ever had at one time. Far from the grand, sweeping feel of the songs on So Runs the World Away, these new songs felt like rocks in the shoe, hard little nuggets of whatever they were, be it spite, remorse, or happiness. I hadn't composed this stuff, I'd scrawled it down, just trying to keep ahead of the heartbreak. They needed to be recorded like that. We needed to work fast, make decisions quickly, keep the songs as spare as they could be kept, and above all never allow ourselves to blunt the sharp edges. Some of the songs were mean or evil. So be it."

You can watch the lyric video for "New Lover" here, and be sure to tune into LATE SHOW with David Letterman on March 12 to see Josh kick off his tour with a performance of "Joy To You Baby".

Check out Rainn Wilson's SoulPancake interview with Josh here!

March 5, 2013
Secret Road Artists at SXSW 2013


12:00PM-9:00PM – Hype Machine @ Hype Hotel
Address: 3rd & San Jacinto
Playing: Fort Lean

5:00PM - Soundcloud Meetup @ Soundcloud Clubhouse
Playing: Luke Sital-Singh (5:00PM)

5:45PM – T-Mobile House Party
Address: 1306 E. 6th Street
Playing: American Authors (5:45PM)

8:00PM – WuWu Fest @ Russian House
Address: 307 E. 5th Street
Playing: The Kicks (8:00PM)

12:00AM – Tillys/Music Saves Lives Party @ The Fire House
Address: 605 Brazos Street
Playing: Hunter Hunted (12:00AM)


12:00PM – Consequence of Sound Showcase (COSIGNS II) @ The Parish
Address: 214 E. 6th Street
Playing: Fort Lean (12:00PM)

2:00PM-3:00PM – SXSW PANEL: Music Supervisor Pitch Session 1 (Amanda’s Panel)
Room: Artists Central in Ballroom E
Panelists: Danny Zook (Alien Music Services), Amanda Shoffner, TBD
Moderator: TBD
Description: The new Music Licensing Pitch Sessions offer all registrants and artists direct feedback from licensing, sync, and music supervision experts. They will offer you a glimpse at the viability of licensing your music for different genres of film, TV, commercials and more. You submit your song, tell us what you think it could be used in, and you'll receive honest feedback from our panel.

2:00PM – Showcase @ The Bungalow
Address: 90 Rainey St
Playing: Little Children (2:00PM)

2:00PM – Canadian Blast BBQ @ Brush Square
Address: 409 E. 5th Street
Playing: Rah Rah (2:00PM)

4:45PM – Blurt Magazine Party @ Gingerman
Address: 301 Lavaca St
Playing: Brooke Waggoner (4:45PM)

8:00PM – BMI Showcase @ Bar 96
Address: 96 Rainey Street
Playing: Brooke Waggoner (8:00PM)

8:00PM – Paradigm Showcase @ Club De Ville
Address: 900 Red River Street
Playing: Hunter Hunted (8:00PM)

9:40PM – ASCAP Showcase @ Red Eye Fly
Address: 715 Red River Street
Playing: American Authors (9:40PM)

12:00AM – Sony City Showcase @ Hangar Lounge
Address: 318 Colorado Street
Playing: Civil Twilight (12:00am)

1:00AM – Showcase @ Buffalo Billiards
Address: 201 E 6th Street
Playing: Elle King (Elliot Jacobson on Drums) (1:00AM)


11:30AM - Candyshop @ Maggie May's
Address: 323 E 6th St
Playing: Luke Sital-Singh (11:30AM)

12:30PM – Hipstamatic “Morning After” Brunch @ The Haus
Address: 509 Brushy Street
Playing: American Authors (12:30PM)

1:30PM – Nashville Day Party @ Austin Ale House
Address: 301 West 6th Street
Playing: Brooke Waggoner (1:30PM)

2:30PM - Flatstock Poster Exhibit @ Convention Center
Address: 500 E Cesar Chavez St
Playing: Luke Sital-Singh (2:30PM)

2:45PM – Showcase @ Cheers Shot Bar
Address: 416 E 6th Street
Playing: Elephant Stone (2:45PM)

3:45PM – Showcase @ Shangri La
Playing: Barcelona (3:45PM)

5:00PM – Paste Party @ Stages on Sixth
Address: 508 E 6th Street
Playing: Josh Ritter (5:00PM)

5:00PM – Wind-Up Party @ Empire Control Room
Address: 604 East 7th Street
Playing: Civil Twilight (5:00PM)

7:00PM – Swedish Rooftop Party
Address: 200 East 6th Street
Playing: Little Children (7:00PM)

8:00PM – SXSW Official Showcase @ Brass House
Address: 115 San Jacinto Blvd
Playing: Said The Whale (8:00PM)

9:55PM – Surefire Agency Showcase
Address: 505 7th Ave.
Playing: Zuzuka Poderosa (9:55PM)

10:00PM – BreakOut West Showcase @ Friends Bar
Address: 208 E 6th Street
Playing: Rah Rah (10:00PM)

10:00PM - @ Chuggin' Monkey
Address: 307 E 5th Street
Playing: The Kicks

12:00AM – Showcase @ Chupacabra
Address: 400 E 6th Street
Playing: Zuzuka Poderosa (12:00AM)

12:00AM – Pandora/AMA Showcase @ Antone’s
Address: 213 W 5th Street
Playing: Josh Ritter (12:00AM) – (Directly following Emmylou Harris)

FRIDAY, MARCH 15, 2013

11:00AM-12:00PM – SXSW PANEL: Songwriting For The Screen (Daniel’s Panel)
Room: 17A – Austin Convention Center
Panelists: Daniel Higbee, Chris Mollere, Amy Stroup, Josh Collum
Moderator: Amanda Krieg (Format Entertainment)
Description: From montages to key scenes, main titles to end titles, original songs are written for film and television regularly, both by skilled songwriters and popular artists. The ability to capture the essence of a film (or moment) without telling too much, however, is a delicate art, making writing to picture one of the trickiest tasks for any musician. How do musicians and music supervisors approach this process today, and what do you need to know to create a track that’s just right?

11:00AM-12:00PM – SXSW PANEL: Managing Established Acts and Their Rabid Fans (Lynn’s Panel)
Room: 12AB – Austin Convention Center
Panelists: Mike Martinovich, Lynn Grossman, Peter Katsis, Bob Johnsen
Moderator: Scott Booker (Hellfire Enterprises Ltd)
Description: Artist managers know all about rabid fans. The good ones find ways to work directly with them that go beyond street team clichés. Fans wear animal costumes onstage, help determine tour routes and album track lists. They are certainly called upon to fund projects now. What parts of the artist-fan relationship are healthy? What parts are creepy and intrusive?

12:30PM – SXSW PANEL: Music Supervisor Pitch Session 1 (Michele’s Panel)
Room: Artists Central in Ballroom E
Panelists: Josh Marcy (Mophonics), Michele Wernick
Moderator: TBD
Description: The new Music Licensing Pitch Sessions offer all registrants and artists direct feedback from licensing, sync, and music supervision experts. They will offer you a glimpse at the viability of licensing your music for different genres of film, TV, commercials and more. You submit your song, tell us what you think it could be used in, and you'll receive honest feedback from our panel.

12:30PM - BMI Brunch @ 4 Seasons
Playing: Luke Sital-Singh

1:30PM – Planet Quebec Day Party @ Swan Dive
Address: 615 Red River St
Playing: Elephant Stone (1:30PM)

1:45PM – Audiotree Party @ The Parish
Address: 214 E. 6th Street
Playing: Joshua James (1:45PM)

2:45PM – Music by the Slice @ Home Slice Pizza
Address: 1415 South Congress Ave
Playing: Fort Lean (2:45PM)

3:00-3:30PM – HI Hat Public House
Address: 2121 East 6th Street
Playing: Little Children (3:00PM)

4:00PM – Sonicbids/Planetary Group Panel @ Maggie Mae’s (Upstairs)
Address: 323 E 6th Street
Playing: Rah Rah (4:00PM)

10:45PM – The Grammy Museum Musical Milestones: 50 Years of The Beatles @ St David’s Bethel Hall
Address: 301 E. 8th Street
Playing: Luke Sital-Singh (10:45PM)

6:00PM – Quantum Collective Whole Foods Showcase @ Whole Foods (Amazon Sponsored)
Address: 525 N. Lamar Blvd
Playing: Civil Twilight (6:00PM)

8:00PM - Kilimanjaro & PRS Present @ Latitude 30
Address: 512 San Jacinto Blvd
Playing:Luke Sital-Singh (8:00PM)

10:00PM - SXSW Official Showcase @ Townhouse
Address: 303 W 5th Street
Playing: Said The Whale (10:00PM)

10:45PM - Musical Milestones @ St. David's Bethel Hall
Address: 301 E 8th Street
Playing: Luke Sital-Singh (10:45PM)

11:00PM – SXSW Official Showcase @ Creekside at the Hilton Garden
Address: 500 N. Interstate 35
Playing: Barcelona (11:00PM)


11:45AM – BeautifulBuzz Showcase @ Brew Exchange
Address: 706 West 6th Street
Playing: American Authors (11:45AM)

2:15PM - The Captiva Showcase @ Rooftop On 6th
Address: 403 E 6th Street
Playing: Luke Sital-Singh (2:15PM)

3:30PM – Baeble Performance @ Peckerheads (Unofficial Day Party)
Address: 402 E. 6th Street
Playing: Civil Twilight (3:30PM)

3:45PM - British Music Presents @ Latitude 30
Address: 512 San Jacinto Blvd
Playing: Luke Sital-Singh (3:45PM)

4:50PM – Proxart Magazine Showcase @ Lomography
Address: 912 Congress Ave.
Playing: The Parlour Suite (4:50PM)

6:00PM – Waterloo Performance @ Waterloo Records
Address: 600A North Lamar Blvd
Playing: Civil Twilight (6:00PM)
NOTE: Waterloo Records will be releasing a digital LIVE at SXSW release

10:00PM – Fleming Artist Showcase @ Antones
Address: 213 W. 5th Street
Playing: Joshua James (10:00PM), Civil Twilight (1:00AM)

SUNDAY, MARCH 17, 2013

3:00PM – Balcony TV Showcase @ Joe’s Crabshack
Address: 600 E. Riverside Drive
Playing: The Parlour Suite (3:00PM)

February 27, 2013
Hunter Hunted Releases New EP & Performs on Conan!

Hunter Hunted released their self-titled EP this week on iTunes! The EP features five tracks including "End Of The World" and "Keep Together". If you haven't seen the post-apocalyptic video for "End Of The World" yet, you can check it out here.

The band is performing their current single "Keep Together" tonight on Conan at 11/10c on TBS! Be sure to tune in or set your DVR.

Straight from a sold out show at The Troubadour in Los Angeles, Hunter Hunted will be performing every Monday in March at the Bootleg Theater. For more details, you can check the calendar for The Bootleg here.

To keep up with the latest Hunter Hunted news visit

February 20, 2013
Rose Cousins & Said The Whale Nominated for Juno Awards!

We are so excited that two members of the Secret Road Family, Rose Cousins and Said The Whale, have been nominated for Canada's Juno Awards!

Rose Cousins' We Have Made A Spark is nominated for Roots and Traditional Album Of The Year: Solo

If you aren't familiar with this beautiful album, we highly recommend that you watch this video for a wonderful introduction to our Canadian songstress.

Said The Whale's Little Mountain is nominated for two awards: Alternative Album Of The Year and Recording Package Of The Year (Andy Dixon - Art Director/Designer/Photographer, Johnathan Taggart - Photographer).

We have to admit that the packaging of Little Mountain was our favorite of the year as well! Despite physical record sales being at an all-time low, the Said the Whale team designed a beautiful and interactive album packaging that is truly unique.

To see the full list of Nominees click here.

Make sure to watch the Juno Awards on April 21st on CTV!

Best of luck to Rose Cousins and Said The Whale from team Secret Road!

January 14, 2013
Ingrid Michaelson to Perform on Good Morning America with Students from Sandy Hook Elementary

Tomorrow morning Ingrid will be joining students from Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, CT on Good Morning America for a special rendition of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow." Ingrid recently joined twenty-one students in recording their version of the classic Judy Garland song as a tribute to the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting.

UPDATE: Watch Ingrid's performance with students from Sandy Hook Elementary on GMA here!

The recording will be released worldwide on Amazon and iTunes January 15th with all proceeds benefiting the Newtown Youth Academy and the United Way of Western Connecticut. A special thanks to Tim Hayes, Chris Frantz, Tina Weymouth and Bill Lefler for their time and talents.

Visit for more information.

January 9, 2013
Hunter Hunted Releases New "End Of The World" Music Video

Hunter Hunted (a new band made up of Michael Garner and Dan Chang from the former Lady Danville) is already getting buzz as a "Local Band We Love" by KCRW. They made their debut with an awesome new video for their song "End Of The World". We're digging this infectious new song and love seeing it come to life through this video!

You can read more about the band here and stream another undeniably catchy song, "Keep Together".

Check out the post-apocolyptic video here!

January 8, 2013
Renee & Jeremy's Album Named in Year's Best Coverfolk Blog

Renee & Jeremy's album A Little Love has been named one of the year's best kidfolk cover albums on the music blog Cover Lay Down. We completely agree with the bloggers that the album is "a tidy, gleeful gem of modern kindie music, apt and ample for family fare, chock full of soft-yet-infectiously reimagined songs from R.E.M., Coldplay, Queen, Supertramp, and others that celebrate the gift that is the generous and well-lived life."

You can read the full review by checking out the blog below.