Thom Russo - Writer/Producer.

hometown: Cleveland, OH (Home Of "Rock n Roll", or so they say!…)
current town: Los Angeles, CA (Home of "Angels", or so they say!…)
musical icon: Wayyyy too many to mention, but certainly Brian Eno, David Byrne, Fats Waller, Bernard Hermann, and The BeeGees.
favorite food: Vegan, Vegan, Vegan
fun fact/secret: I did a record with Michael Jackson, and during the final weeks of production I drove him to his hotel every night when we finished recording (he didn't like chauffeurs much).
More currently: My 3-legged-dog, Stewart, runs faster than almost all the 4 leggers he's raced at the park...just saying.


The Tracks.

1. "Leaving It All Behind" by Jules Larson
2. "Ojos de tu Corazon" by Amy Stroup
3. "Un Dia De Sol" by Los Claxons